GT Bicycles

Innovation was key to winning in bicycles during the late 90's - a period of tremendous growth of mountain biking and cycling in general. It was an amazing time to be an industrial designer in the cycling industry - pushing the envelope of performance and aesthetics while exploring new materials and methods of construction to find that winning edge.

  • Designed and built the radical single-sided swinger GT Concept iDrive. Integrating the advanced benefits of carbon fiber construction, innovative iDrive suspension technology and the latest thinking from the world of motorcycle racing.

  • Conceptualized, 3d modeled and fabricated unique rear swingarm and wheel hub design made possible by a radical rethink of geartrain and wheel components.

  • Developed the high-spec, carbon fiber version of the all new iDrive mountain bike line. 

  • Created numerous electric-assist city bike concepts (far before the advent of reasonably priced lithium batteries that are available today).

  • Responsible for the creation of bike accessories and gear, such as helmets, seats, tires and grips.