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I am highly accomplished and deeply experienced in the process of product design and development. This includes:

  • Developing and leading cross-functional teams in a variety of robust and effective brainstorming methods.

  • Working closely with consumer research and marketing teams to define and quantify product and brand experiences.

  • Highly familiar with all methods of 2d and 3d visual communication, including rough sketching, renderings, 2d/3d animations, illustrations, storyboards, UX for apps, flowcharting, PowerPoint presentations, 3d digital modeling, digital rapid prototyping and analogue 3d prototyping.

  • Oversaw product descriptions, turnover packages, layout drawings, final art files, spec sheets, performance specs, production-ready prototypes and tooling prototypes. 

  • Responsible for design interface with PLM and Agile systems.

  • Expert in Design For Manufacture and Design For Automation.

  • Partnered closely with internal and vendor plants in China, Thailand, and Malaysia to drive constant manufacturing efficiencies throughout the development process,

  • Familiar with all methods of manufacture including injection molding, vacuum forming, casting, forging, roto-molding, co-molding, stamping, CNC, welding, tube forming, extruding, carbon fiber, glass fiber, electronics, part decoration, plush and soft goods.